I suck…

So I suck at updating my adventures…Lets see last time I put anything up here I was recovering from a hangover from Halloween.

Since then hmmm… Well I made some more dirty movies…yay for porno, I was lucky enough to take MistiDawn’s porn virginity. She is soo fucking hot. Like retarded hot. It was such a blast too, honestly that was one of the greatest weekends I have ever had. I also got the pleasure of picking up JessieLee from the airport. So lets start this journey off from the begining.

I left Diego (late of course) and headed up to LAX. I picked up JessieLee from the airport. WOW how lucky am I. I think I’m the unofficial (or official) BurningAngel airporter, since in the last couple months I’ve picked up and dropped off a bunch of them from the airport. I guess its just one of my many skills. So Jessie and I head up to Joanna’s place. We talked about music and bands and guys in bands and girls who date guys in bands. It was nice, JessieLee is super hot and super smart pretty much a perfect girl.

We got to Joanna’s and I met MistiDawn, instant boner for her. She is a super sweet ass read head with cool tattoo’s and an ass that makes my heart melt. She was getting her makeup done so we chatted for a bit and got to know eachother. I don’t know how other porn guys do it, but I like to get to know a girl, chat with them a bit before I put my weiner in them. So I waited around for a bit then we did the porno. I’m sure it’ll be up sometime soon.

After we were done we all went to dinner and then I went to my place in Santa Monica (I was hoping for an amazing slumber party but the girls had to be up early for some more “work” so I headed to my second home)

The next day I worked all day for Emergenza. On a side note I just googled Emergenza, it seems there are a lot of bitter bands that have participated in this competion/festival that I run with my homie Kristine. It’s not a scam!! It’s actually a super legit organization that any starting out band should participate in to start a fan base in a very tough market, ie the LA music scene.

Sorry about the mini rant.

Thursday night I met up with the BA crew again and we went to a Kareoke (spell check maybe) Bar and I sang like the cool guy I am and serenaded JessieLee, MistiDawn and James Deen. James Deen (I call him JD because he calls me BST) and I relized that we are almost too hot for our own good, we made out with all the girls then went back home again.

Friday JessieLee and I made the porno. It was hot. I made her “dinner” in my suit then we had sex on a big table. I think if I ever get to decide on where I have sex on camera I am not going to pick a big dining room table that is hard and akward to fuck on. Regardless we made it happen and made it look good. Actually all I really had to do was show up JessieLee made it look good.

That night we went out, again and had a blasty with Madison, Cadence, and Nailhead (Cadence’s rad boyfriend). We drank some beers then went back to Joanna’s and had a sleepover.

The next day I had to drop off MistiDawn at the Airport. It bummed me out because I love her and she had to go back home (insert sad face). I went back to Santa Monica and proceeded to get sick (probably form all the staying up late and drinking and not sleeping much). Kristine took care of me and gave me a bunch of remidies and I woke up the next morning feeling like a million bucks.

Sunday we had a show at The Regent, it was rad. What was cool too is I saw one of my favorite porno girls that night too Faye Reagan, she came to see this band (I can’t remeber their name or I would link it) that was fucking hilarious. They did this Craigslist missed connections two man musical thing. It was rad.

Hmmm, what else have I been doing. I finally met Penny Flame, she is soooo fucking hot and I know have a huge crush on her.

So thats it for now, I should probably do another update soon until then eat some turkey and watch football trhis week.




For change…and Madison

I’m finally stoked on a president way to go internet for helping elect our new president.

Madison…today is Wednesday…tomorrow is Thursday…then its LULZ IRL 4L



Go out and VOTE…

So I’m sure everyone knows about the Presidential Election today but I saw another election in my favoriteBurningAngel forum. My favorite punk rock porn princess Joanna Angel turns out is in Decision 2008: Vote for your next Supreme Commandress. So after you go and vote for change, equal rights(for us California residents), and drinking on the beach (for us San Diego residents). Go here and vote for Joanna Angel because she is rad and I love her as you can see here.

Halloween oooo scary

Halloween, yeah it was fun. I dressed up as a dead emo kid, here is a picture log of my transformation.

First I went to the Buffalo Exchange and got me some sweet ass emo clothes and only my pants were for girls (size 13)

So I made the marvelous journey up to the City of Angles in the Exxon Valdez

I got to my homie Kristine’s house and started getting drunk and getting ready for the evening ahead. Kristine was so nice she put on guy liner for me

After I got some makeup on I had to put on my super emo pants

Then I did my hair that I have been growing out for a month and a half just for this occasion

We took a smoke break

Chuck Holiday was also there, he took a shower and we made Kristine feel like a Madame of the night

Kristine’s costume was easy she went as Juno

Being pregnant is perfect for holding beers

Chuck dressed up as a guy in a tutu

Then I killed myself

After I died 2.0 hooked me up with some sweet new ink

So I departed with my friends and went to Hollywood to Avalon to meet up with some hot ass chicks from GodsGirls. I sat in fucking traffic for an hour and a half and almost ran out of gas but I finally go to the club.

My homie Julene and I proceeded to get drunk (go figure that’s what we do the best)

And I have the picture angles to prove it

We watched Mickey Avalon perform. Say what you want about him but his shit is fucking funny and pretty good too. I snapped some pics of him.

So here is GG Meg, she is hot and she wants BST’s penis in her mouth (well at least I hope so)

Julene does too and didn’t want Meg having all the fun

And so does this girl (I forgot her name sorry hot GG girl with the mohawk if you want I can make it up to you by actually putting my penis in your mouth)

Then Meg and the other girl made out for the camera

Then I told Meg a secret

Then I got kicked out of Avalon for a bit for “lewd” acts. I was pretty chill about the whole thing and Julene yelled at the head bouncer guy for me so he let me back in. This me and the guy that was “keeping an eye on me”

I then later took a girl in home. We couldn’t wait the whole 20 minute drive back to Santa Monica so we pulled over to the side of the road and she gave me one of the best blow jobs I have ever received in my life.

We got back to my place (the place I was staying at anyway) and noticed that my fake black hair stuff was all over the place, so naturally we jumped in the shower and had soapy wet clean dirty sex. Aww sex in the shower, so much fun.

In the morning we had sex…again went to breakfast then I dropped her off at home (because I’m such a nice guy). The rest of that day was kinda boring, I napped and went to the movies with my peeps.

The next night I had a show at Sams, it went pretty good. I then drove home back to San Diego and it was a rad trip because I had phone sex.

No it’s not enough for me to have regular sex on a routine basis, I need it from all aspects of the world. So we had some super kinky phone sex and I thought about playing with her boobs. They look something like this.


Yeah they are nice, I’m gonna make dirty videos with her some day until then I’ll always have video chat.