Vagina Reviews are rad….

According to resent tweets and some not so recent tweets on the Twitter I am one of the worst contributors Brian Bangs has come across, he’s probably right. I have not submitted a vagina review in quiet some time so now I’m about to give you an amazingly big vagina review. Ok so maybe it’s not a big, as in lengthy, review but it is a review of a big vagina.

Ladies, gentlemen and lovers of Fuck Making, I present to you April Flores. It is a little known fact that I, Brian Street Team, am a very big fan of Big Beautiful Women. So I have for the past several months (hense the delay in my contribution) been trying to get my dirty hands on/around/inside this amazing piece of female flesh that is Fatty Delicious. Sadly it has come with some lack luster success and since BANGS wants his god damn contribution I got my hands on the next best thing. What is this you may ask? Well I know some people that hustle some smut down at the local porn shop and they let me uhhh rent her vagina. Now from what I’m told this is just as good as the real thing so I had a go at it for a couple hours. To make the whole experiance a little more realistic I put Voluptuous Biker Babes in my DVD player on repeat. I had candles lit and everything, it was a very romantic event between me and “Little April” (kind of an oxymoron I know but calling my fuck toy April didn’t seem very polite). Everything was going great until my room mate (or Mom whatever you prefer) walked in. Talk about awkward, at least I had enough time to formulate an opinion on Miss Flores and her lovely vagina.

First off it was amazing. I have been lucky enough to witness the manufacture of cyberskin fuck holes and I know that there is actually an internal mold of the vaginal region. With that being said, Fatty D’s vagina was super tight and it made me shoot off knuckle children faster than normal (so about 45 seconds vice a minute and a half). Also noted was a the pooch above the Aprils valley that was perfect pivot point for my bad hip. I as well enjoyed the smooth silky feel of the pubic region which is key in avoiding pesky rug burn.

Overall I give April Flores’ vagina a 4.6 out of 5. It’s cum fast piece of amazing that I hope to one day penitrate for reals.



  1. sounds like a good vag-perience !

  2. I adore you for this.

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