Vagina Dialogues

I remember when I was a young BST my goal in life was to finger fuck as many girls as I possibly could. Now that I’m a bit older and wiser thing haven’t changed much, I am still trying to finger fuck as many girls as I can. One thing that has changed though, it is the amount of foliage around the fuck holes of a lot of girls. I just remember sliding my grimy fingers down a girls pants and feeling the first few strands of pubis and thinking to myself “I’m totally about to touch some vagina…RAD!!!”. So I guess that is what gets me excited about feeling a puss now a days with a little more than bare skin. Fuck it, if she has a full on bush it’s like winning the vagina fucking lottery! You just don’t see it to often these days so it’s a total treat. It is these fond memories that remind me of another fond memory, the day I met the wonderful, beautiful, intelligent (more of a smart ass actually), bush endowed Kimberly Kane.

This is a picture of Miss Kane and I. You can obviously see we are touching tongues (it’s cute right), what you don’t see is that her hand is on my meat stick and my hand is gracing her vagina (or her vagina is gracing my hand, whatever there was some gracing going on down there regardless). This was the first time I had ever met Kimberly (talk about a good first impression) and better yet, BUSH!!! It truly, honestly took me back to my youth. So I piddle my beer soaked fingers around there for a second or maybe it was more like 198 seconds, lets just say I was down there for as long as I could possibly be and notice that her pussy was so meaty and lovely I just about came in my pants. Yet another thing I love about her snatch is that it totally has something to grab onto. I honestly think her vag has its own fan page. If not I’m gonna start one, it is leaps and bounds over so many other meat lockers in the wide world of Fuck Making. Oh and speaking of making the Fuck, she also is in some guide to making the Fuck that some ass hats form Philly decided to make. One of these said ass hats was nice enough to give me sneak preview of the production and I must say it’s pretty fucking rad seeing POPPORNS girlfriend then ex-girlfriend then girlfriend again taking the cock so well. She also took my half ass attempt to finger fuck her well so on Brian Street Teams vagina scale of supremacy she gets a 4.87 out of 5. It took me back to days of old and has a revolutionary feel.



  1. Brian – Would you please elaborate on how you rate your vaginas on a scale of 1-5. Maybe you could post pictures of different types of vaginas and why you find them appealing. – RBP

  2. god brian i would kill to fuck you

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