YO BST! Roadie me up an Escalade…

So a couple weekends ago was Erotica LA. It was fucking RAD to say the least. I am going to give you a synopsis of the weekend.

I drive up to Los Angeles on Friday afternoon now any normal guy would have just driven up there to the convention center get my badge and commence hanging out. Well I am no normal guy, I’m pretty much the super roadie. Joanna Angel had a few requests from me prior to my arrival at the convention. Here is my rroute

Pacific Beach-Home/start point

Chatsworth-Pick up Joanna Angel Sex Toys from TopCo

Woodland Hills-Pick up MistiDawn

Van Nuys-Pick up Envy

HollyWood- Pick up JessieLee

Finally arrive at the Staples Center for day one of the convention…

It was a pretty rad day one…make out sessions were had, PBR’s were drank with @RachelToxic and I made friends with lots (for reals a whole bunch) of beautiful girls. At the end of day one I was super tired so we went back to JA’s house and slept…


Pretty Much consisted of drinking Crown All day, walking around the convention floor and then more making out with pretty girls…All day.

I met the lovely BellaDonna, she is soooo pretty and so nice and I got her number…RAD.

I also met sooooooooo many other girls for the first time, I’d name them all but I’m afraid I’d forget one or two so lets just say you know who you are and I love you all.

Again at the end of the night we were tired so we went home and slept.

Day Three.. Escalade theivery…

On day three I got kinda a late start, I was a bit hung over and Draven and I stayed up late having a very “gay” moment talking about our love for music (mostly AFI and The Cure). We held hands and both fell asleep on the couch watching cartoon network.

Again lots of ladies and lots of making out. Then around 1:27 pm JA got a very disturbing call from LoJack. “We are calling to notify you that your vehicle has been moved without your LoJack monitor inside the vehicle”

JA-“Yo, BST can you go out the garage and see if my car is there?”

Of course I did and to my surprise, no Escalade. WOW that sucks!!! I walk back with a sad face and Joanna knew exactly what was wrong. The next couple hours was spent talking to asshole LAPD cops and LoJack and inssurance companies and what not trying to find the car. They didn’t really seem to care so it bummed Joanna out. Regardless she was a trooper and continued the rest of the day with a big smile on her face. This also meant that I was to save the day by the end of the convention by loading the entire BA booth in my truck (with the help of our AMAZING INTERNS Andrew and Lisette, my homie Ssippi and Lisette’s very lucky boyfriend). After the booth was loaded and strapped down, we went to our favorite mexican place in the valley, Hugos, for some burritos. I ate the burritos, unloaded the booth and made the long(ish)trip back to Americas Finest City.

It was an amazing weekend thanks to these lovely ladies…

Joanna Angel
Madison Mitchell
Lexi Love
Lexi Belle
jessica drake
And tons others (I’m sure I’m missing a few)

Check out pictures of me and lots of pretty ladies from Igor here

And here is Joanna’s account of the events here




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